Recording artist Paul Donovan is a singer-songwriter/guitar player whose EP "Glow" is filled with stories of a life well lived, full of encouragement and hope. He can't wait for you to hear these songs! GLOW is available now!

Paul Donovan is a singer songwriter/guitar player who’s musical story started very young, singing along to his parents’ record collection.  Always singing, Paul went full speed ahead into “pop radio land”. It wasn’t until his friend taught him how to play a few Beatle’s songs on the guitar that the music bug took full effect. In that moment everything changed. The rest of the world took a backseat to playing guitar.

As the years passed, Paul took side trips along the way through virtuoso guitar and jazz music that helped shape an eclectic take on music that’s at once both comforting and familiar, yet edgy enough to keep you on your toes

Guided by a restless musical spirit,  Paul has played countless gigs from one side of the country to the other. From solo, duo, trio, heavy and acoustic rock, to small and large jazz and orchestral ensembles. These experiences instilled a sense of confidence in his playing and singing, both leading his own groups and supporting established artists.

January 2015 marks a milestone in Paul’s career as he traveled to Nashville, TN. to record his first EP under his own name. Finally moving from the supporting role to center stage, the new EP “Glow” showcases songs born out of the highs, lows, tears, joys  and the miles of life lessons brought about by this amazing journey.

Glow was produced by recording artist Jeremy Casella and features some of Nashville’s finest musicians and engineers. GLOW is available now!

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